Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award 2013

Congratulations - that was the word of the evening to be understood by both - the Swedes and the Germans. 

On 18 December 2013, Gothenburg (Sweden), the time had come for the best supplier to be awarded by Volvo Cars. Award. Many months sweaty work and commitment of each individual colleagues have now been honoured.

In the categories of quality, costs / competitiveness, environment, social responsibility and technology, the individual suppliers had to prove their efficiency. Prerequisite for the receipt of the award, was a 100% match with the requirements and expectations of Volvo Cars - the Gerhardi plant in Ibbenbueren  excelled there and was awarded. The ceremony was moderated from the highest authorities of Volvo, Hakan Samuelsson (CEO Volvo Cars) and Lars Wrebo (Senior Vice President Volvo Cars) were present and accompanied the day with the awarded suppliers.

Filled with joy and pride and showing a smile, Mr. Dinter expressed the following conclusion:

"The very positive organizational developments in the work Ibbenbueren is to be found in the award. Congratulations to all involved and congratulations on the part of the management. After the game is before the game: every 2 years it is important to confirm what has been developed. It is essential to confirm the continuity of the organization and possibly improve it, what we will manage. "